Application of Internet of Things Technology in Infusion


  • Zhang Hong China Rizhao Vocational College of Nautical Engineering


IoT, Infusion, Medical Technology, Intelligent Equipment


In terms of human well-being, the level of medical care affects the survival and longevity of human beings. With the introduction and development of Internet of Things technology, the level of intelligence has been improved in many fields. Among them, technology has effectively improved the level of medical care and benefited the survival and development of human beings. Infusion during hospitalization is an experience that every patient will have, but during the infusion process, there is always no way to change the medicine at the first time for various reasons. According to some Chinese statistics, the annual infusion market size exceeds 10 billion bottles. According to the data of the Safe Injection Alliance, my country There are more than 390,000 safety accidents due to unsafe infusion every year. Although nurses carefully check every step during infusion, with the increase of patients, the probability of medical accidents will also increase. Therefore, with the development of technologies such as the Internet of Things and big data, the demand and market for auxiliary medical equipment are also increasing. Although there are many drip alarms on the market, they are not connected to the network, so they cannot convey information to medical staff in a timely manner and provide better patient service. This article introduces the idea of combining drip alarms with the Internet of Things, and does detailed plan.


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