Analysis of Entrepreneurship and E-Commerce Development


  • Li Zhai Jose Rizal University, Philippines


Technology, Entrepreneurship, E-Commerce Enterprises


Entrepreneurship is a cross-cutting research topic in sociology, ethics, economics and management, and there exists a large space of theoretical foundation. The relationship between entrepreneurship and corporate growth has been the focus of academic attention, and many scholars, such as Joseph Alois Schumpeter and Peter F. Drucker, have discussed this issue in depth from various perspectives. Therefore, it is necessary to study the relationship between entrepreneurship and business growth again, analyze its new logical connotation, consolidate the theoretical foundation of entrepreneurship research, and generate dialogue and interaction with subsequent theoretical and empirical research, which requires specific business behaviors to achieve the promotion of entrepreneurship to business growth. Innovation is an important behavioral model for enterprise growth and an important bridge for entrepreneurship to promote high-quality enterprise development.


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