The Role of Artificial Intelligence Technology In Social Services


  • Lingbo Lyu Jose Rizal University, Philippines


AI Technology, Online Marketing, Convenient Life


With the development of AI technology and social networking media platforms, a social networking marketing strategy based on AI technology is being studied and applied by a wide range of car companies in conjunction with the need to develop various platforms. When we look at Tesla, Google, Uber, GM and Ford drones, an analysis of the changes in these technology companies reveals that the last three years have been far more intensive, rapid and focused than the last fifty years or so. Needless to say, artificial intelligence (AI) has not only come out of the lab, but more widespread APP platforms have brought us opportunities and developments, and a new technological singularity has arrived. Based on social network marketing and the characteristics of the automotive industry to organize and implement automotive social network marketing, in order to give full play to the technical advantages of AI, the audience and social advantages of the media platform, so as to achieve the precision and intelligence of automotive marketing promotion activities, in order to make the best marketing effect.


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