Research on The Application of TQM in University Student Affairs Management


  • Yinxia Zhuang Quanzhou University of information Engineering, China


Student Affairs Management, Total Quality Management, Colleges


With the deepening of the popularization and internationalization of higher education, colleges and universities undertake the responsibility of continuously delivering qualified "social people" who learn to seek knowledge, learn to do things, learn to be people, and learn to live together for the development of the country and society. The competition of comprehensive national strength is the competition of talents, so the quality of students' training in colleges and universities is the key issue that various countries are concerned about at present. Because the management of student affairs in colleges and universities involves many aspects such as studies, dormitories, health, safety, employment, culture, politics, law, etc., it plays a vital role in the education and training of students. Therefore, the management of student affairs in colleges and universities is studied by scholars key issue. High-quality student affairs management assumes the function of democratizing and socializing education; it can improve the overall quality and ability of college students in all aspects, and continuously improve the competitiveness of colleges and universities in the entire education market; Optimize configuration and reduce management costs.

This paper takes a university in China as the research object, and through the questionnaire survey of college students and interviews with counselors, to understand the current situation of student affairs management in the university, and summarizes the existence of services in the specific implementation process of university student affairs management. The problems of difficult implementation of students' ideas, high cost of students' work communication, and poor management effect. In order to further improve the management of student affairs in colleges and universities, this paper intends to adopt the theory of total quality management, put forward the establishment of a "student-centered" educational service concept, build a service education process of "full education", and implement "whole process participation". It adopts the quality management concept of "continuous quality improvement", introduces the PDCA cycle, optimizes and innovates the rectification strategy of the transaction management mode, and provides a reference for the practical work of student affairs management in colleges and universities.


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